The Teckel puppy

With a long body, short legs and sunny character, they do not particularly stand out for their docility and submissiveness, which is why it is essential that you begin their training as soon as possible. Your good relationship with them depends on it, to a large extent.

Generally speaking, the Teckel puppy cannot ignore their hunter’s instinct and they have a restless temperament, which leads them to want to play outside rather than do anything else. Starting when they are a puppy, let them run and sniff at ease around the garden or other open space, but do not give in to all their impulses: from three months old, teach them the rules of cohabiting.


When they play outdoors, Teckel puppies become stubborn and they will not be stopped by anything or anybody. They are very determined, despite their small size, and they are able to challenge other much larger dogs. Their strong character makes them difficult to control and not very obedient.

Teckels are good guard dogs and sometimes they bark excessively, which is a good reason for you, if you are able, to provide your puppy with an open space where they can spread out. They bark and chew everything they find in their path. In addition, they do not easily judge the strength of their jaws, so do not let them bite you too much. Have a toy that is only for them, and give them it if they are spending time alone.


Teckel puppies like company and do not feel at ease when they are left alone; what’s more, it panics them. They do not like being with strangers and will always prefer the members of their family. If you are leaving them alone inside the home, it is advisable that you hide away or take out of their reach any delicate objects, because upon finding themselves confined, they can bite everything that they come across. A ‘no!' with a strong and emphatic voice is the best way to stamp out their destructive instincts.

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