Just like us, for your dog every stage of their life is very different, and this is why you need to look after them in a specific way at every point in time.


Just like us, for your dog every stage of their life is very different, and this is why you need to look after them in a specific way at every point in time.

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Your Medium dogcat is Adult


Your puppy has just been born!

• They need their mother because they are born blind, deaf and unable to walk, but they can smell, pick up flavours and perceive heat and touch.

• Their food is maternal milk. If they reject it, it has to be substituted by a specially formulated product for nursing puppies, such as ADVANCE Mother & Dog Initial , which thanks to its nucleotides that have the same profile as maternal colostrum, allows for the best possible development of your puppy’s digestive and immune systems. Maternal colostrum is the maternal milk that is secreted during the first few days after the birth. Nucleotides are basic “building blocks” that come together to form a DNA chain.

Day 21

Weaning begins! Give them some ADVANCE Mother & Dog Initial kibble moistened with a little lukewarm water to supplement maternal milk.

Day 21-28

They start walking and can now do their business by themselves!

Day 30

Their vision is now similar to that of an adult dog.


They now have their first 28 milk teeth

• Their facial muscles have now developed and they are able to express emotions.

• It’s time to remove parasites for the first time before vaccinating! From now on you should remove parasites from your dog every 3 months.

• First vaccinations: distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, coronavirus and/or parainfluenza. Consult your vet! Once vaccinated, your little dog can go outdoors.

They understand and remember associations. Teach them to sit, receiving a fair reward afterwards!

• At 8 weeks, weaning is complete. From this point on, ADVANCE Puppy Mini is the food that will go with them during their first months. ADVANCE Puppy Mini contains immunoglobulins, nucleotides and a high level of proteins that will help to boost your puppy’s natural defences. ADVANCE Puppy Mini also contains specific kibble adapted to the size of your puppy.

Do you know that your dog needs an Identity Card?

Ask your vet what it is and what the purpose of the microchip is, and use this opportunity to get them entered on your municipality’s register.

• Get them used to having their nails clipped, cleaning their teeth and being handled. For example, you can now give them their first bath!

• Booster of their first vaccinations!

• Teach them to do their business in the right place by putting down sheets of newspaper. Recommendations: keep this area away from their food and water, and give them positive feedback when they do it right.

Loss of teeth

Their milk teeth should start to fall out. It is important to monitor them, because in mini dogs this tooth loss can happen too late. Consult your vet.

• Try giving them a toy to bite rather than them biting your furniture.

Brush their teeth once a week using a special brush and paste for dogs.

3 months have gone by since the last time you removed parasites.
It’s time to do it again!

Your puppy has reached puberty

Females reach it before males and it coincides with the first oestrus. From this point on they will have it every 6 months.

• Sexual conduct starts to appear.

• Vaccinate them against rabies. In some Autonomous Communities it is obligatory.

Your mini dog has now stopped growing

They need to start to eat food that is adapted to their needs as an adult. ADVANCE Adult Mini is the ideal food to go with them during this stage.

Change over their food gradually: for 10 days slowly reduce the amount of their old food and substitute it for the new one.

• Remember that in month eight it is time to have parasites removed again!

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