What is Advance Active Defense?

Advance Active Defense is a complete and balanced food reinforced with scientifically proven ingredients (prebiotics, probiotics, fibre and immunoglobulins) that help the defences of dogs and cats, promoting a healthy intestinal microbiota and protecting them from the inside.

In addition, all Advance Active Defense recipes are prepared with high quality ingredients: with animal protein as the first ingredient, rice, peas and wholegrain cereals, and no added preservatives or artificial colourants.

Is Advance Active Defense scientifically proven?

At Advance, we have been dedicated for over 25 years to the research and development of quality food that helps your animal’s defences, in collaboration with international research centres and universities.

In our recipes, we add scientifically proven ingredients, which we carefully select for their nutritional qualities. We test their functionality and effects on the health of dogs and cats. With Advance, you can take care of your dog or cat with quality food, backed by the science of its ingredients.

How does Advance Active Defense protect from the inside?

Advance Active Defense protects your dog or cat from the inside thanks to its new scientifically proven ingredients that promote healthy intestinal microbiota, a fundamental defence barrier which is key to their health.

  • Prebiotics: nourish the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut microbiota and strengthen the intestinal barrier
  • Fibre of natural origin: helps healthy digestion
  • Probiotics: in our dog recipes, we also add live bacteria that help balance the gut microbiota

In addition, we continue to incorporate active immunoglobulins in all our recipes to provide passive immunity and help maintain intestinal health.

How can I change my animal’s current diet to the new Advance Active Defense?

To facilitate the adaptation of current food to the new Advance Active Defense, we recommend transitioning over a period of 5-7 days, progressively increasing the amount of the new product.

How is Advance Active Defense made?

Our recipes are prepared with high quality ingredients such as chicken, turkey or salmon as the first ingredient, rice, wholegrain cereals and peas, and no added preservatives or artificial colourants. By steam cooking, we achieve a cooking process that is respectful of the ingredients, during which we add prebiotics, fibre and probiotics without altering their properties. Learn more about the preparation process here.

Once the pack is opened, does the product stay fresh and last as long as before?

Yes, we have made sure, through scientific testing, that the new recipes maintain their quality for their entire shelf life. The pack can be stored at room temperature! We always recommend that the product is stored in a cool, dry place.

What is the intestinal microbiota?

The intestinal microbiota is the group of microorganisms that inhabits the intestines, and acts as a natural barrier. Its main function is to form a barrier in the intestine that acts as an organ with nutritional and defensive functions. Taking care of it is key for defenses and maintaining health.

What role does the intestinal microbiota have on my animal’s health?

The intestinal microbiota is a fundamental defense barrier for dogs and cats. Given that approximately 70% of defenses are found in the intestine, maintaining intestinal health is fundamental to having good defenses.

The intestinal microbiota is fundamental for the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. If a healthy intestinal microbiota is not maintained, it could become out of balance and lead to health problems.

What is meant by healthy intestinal microbiota?

A healthy intestinal microbiota is one that contains a quantity and variety of microorganisms that contribute to its balance.

How does diet influence the intestinal microbiota and my dog’s or cat’s health?

Food is the main factor that can modify the intestinal microbiota, which is why quality food is key to having a healthy gut microbiota and good defenses. Advance Active Defense is made with high quality ingredients (animal protein, vegetable protein and fiber) for a complete and balanced diet that also takes care of the microbiota, thanks to the prebiotics, probiotics (in the case of dogs), and fiber.

Which probiotic is included in Advance Active Defense?

In our Active Defense recipes for dog, we include probiotic Bacillus velezensis, which generates a favorable environment that encourages the development of beneficial intestinal microbiota (what we call healthy microbiota), as well as its diversity, and the recovery of intestinal balance.

What are probiotics and what are they for?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that, when consumed in adequate amounts, help rebalance the intestinal microbiota and restore the benefits it has on your dog, such as strengthening the intestinal barrier or the production of defenses that inactivate unwanted bacteria.

What are the sources of natural probiotics?

The sources of natural probiotics are mainly foods. Fermented foods have traditionally been a source of probiotics that have provided health benefits to those who have consumed them. They are, for example, fermented dairy, vegetable or soy, and include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), kombucha (fermented black tea), tempeh (fermented soy), maternal milk, or vegetables fermented as a method of preservation (green, leafy vegetables, radish, bamboo, mustard greens, ginger, aubergine or olives). Functional foods supplemented with probiotics can also be considered today as sources of probiotics, especially beverages, juices or drinking yogurts.

What are prebiotics and what are they for?

Prebiotics are mostly plant fiber that nourishes the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal microbiota, and are beneficial for the health of dogs and cats. They help strengthen the intestinal barrier, contributing to digestive well-being, and inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria.

If my cat or dog is healthy, can I give him or her food containing probiotics and/or prebiotics?

Probiotics and prebiotics have benefits for healthy dogs. A diet such as Advance Active Defense contributes to maintaining healthy intestinal microbiota and helps their defenses. Maintaining good defenses continues to be important for helping your animal’s immune system.

Can I give my dog probiotics continuously in his/her daily diet?

Studies conducted in dogs supplemented daily with probiotics have confirmed their safety. Advance Active Defense with probiotics is a food that can accompany your dog throughout its life as a part of its daily diet.

Do Advance Active Defense recipes for puppies contain probiotics? What effect do they have on their health?

Yes, we have fortified Advance Active Defense Puppy with probiotics. Studies by the European Food Safety Authority carried out on puppies have shown that probiotics have a stimulating effect on immunity, and increase vaccine response after consumption.

In addition, our recipes for puppies and kittens continue to incorporate nucleotides. Advance Active Defense is the only brand that includes nucleotides in the same proportion as those found in maternal milk. Nucleotides are compounds that are beneficial for health, as they are part of the genetic material of cells, and are necessary to help the growth and development of organs and tissues, and also stimulate their immune response.