The St. Bernard puppy

A very attractive puppy that, as an adult, ends up becoming something like a giant cuddly toy. Enjoy them whilst they are small, particularly for carrying them… When they reach adulthood, it is more likely that they will be carrying you!

The St. Bernard puppy is friendly and affectionate and they need the company of their family to feel happy. Bear in mind that this puppy will multiply their birth weight by 100. Whilst they are a puppy, their displays of affection are to show gratitude, but when they grow and reach 70kg they can be difficult to move. A St. Bernard continues to grow in weight and size up to 18 to 24 months.


The St. Bernard is enormously good-natured and never looks for a fight. However, they possess a strong protective instinct, which also makes them an excellent guard dog. When training a St. Bernard puppy, you should know that obedience is the first principle that they should adopt, without second thoughts. If they do something wrong or forbidden, you should let them know very determinedly: a firm “no” is unmistakable. Learning 'no' is one of the first and most important lessons. Every training session should end with a fun or more relaxed activity, leaving your puppy with a positive feeling.


Your puppy is all heart and they like to show you how much they love you or how much they have missed you, so they will spring at you affectionately. These displays of affection are acceptable whilst they are a puppy, but as they grow they can become dangerous. To correct this, it is important that you reinforce some key orders, such as 'sit' or 'lie down' followed by praise. If you decide to have a puppy of this breed, you should consider that they have a space that is appropriate for their size, given that they need to run and move. It is not recommended that they spend the night outside the home until they have finished growing.

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