Is your dog from a breed that is considered to be potentially dangerous?

Some breeds are considered to be potentially dangerous due to their physical characteristics and the work that they have historically been assigned to do. Today they are perfectly integrated into society, however, you must fulfil some legal obligations if you share your life with one of these dogs. We will show you which these breeds are, and their defining characteristics.

According to Spanish Royal Decree 287/2002, the potentially dangerous dog breeds are:

American Staffordshire

Staffordshire Bull


Brazilian Mastiff

Pitbull Terrier


Tosa Inu

Akita Inu

Dogo Argentino

Mixed-blood puppies of these breeds fall under the same classification, as well as dogs that exhibit all or the majority of a series of characteristics that are also specified in the law. These are, among others:

  • Weighing over 20 kg.

  • That their chest measures between 60 and 80 cms.

  • That they measure between 50 and 70 cms at the withers (which means from the floor to the highest point of the shoulder blade).

  • That they have a large head.

  • That they have large and strong jaws.

  • That they have a deep, wide mouth.

  • That they have a short neck.

  • That they have muscular, short backs.

  • That they are well muscled.

  • That they have a marked character.

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