How often do my dog and I veterinari NEED TO VISIT THE VET?

As is the case with ourselves, it is important that your dog has periodic check-ups to check on their general health and to prevent the onset of illnesses.

However, it is difficult to know how often we need to go to the vet.

Generally it is recommended that you take your dog to the vet annually, but if your dog is either a puppy or is in their later years, it is likely that these visits will be more frequent.



0 months
12 months
Until they are 6 months old, you should take your puppy to the vet every other month so that they can monitor their proper development.Depending on the breed, your vet will tell you when the last check-up will be.


1 year
7 years
As an adult your dog will need an annual check-up, usually corresponding to when they need vaccinations or de-worming.


+ 6 years Large dogs
+ 7 years Medium dogs
+ 8 years Small dogs
It is recommended that older dogs visit the vet at least once every 6 months.Should they be suffering any chronic disease, these check-ups may be more frequent.

Remember that the recommendations that we have compiled above are general, and you should follow the frequency of visits that your trusted vet recommends for you.

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