El cadell de West Highland Terrier

Cheerful, playful, mischievous and inquisitive, this is what your puppy is like. They also have the spirit of a hunting dog. Getting to know them and understanding how to train them will help you to enjoy your Westie as much as possible.


West Highland Terriers like cleanliness and they do not generally let their space get dirty, so it will be convenient for you to teach them to do their business when they are still a puppy. They also love to go for walks and they often go out at a run: walk them on the lead until you are sure that they comprehend the order to come to you when you call them, which is one of the instructions that they have most difficulty responding to, due to their inquisitive and adventurous nature. Be uncompromising. Another of their passions is to dig everywhere. To distract them from this habit, it is a good idea for them to play with a ball; in this way you will change their focus of attention.


Your dog is usually alert, which makes them an excellent guard dog. When a stranger approaches or they hear unfamiliar noises, they will bark, alerting you to any unusual situation. Be careful, because the same mistrust that makes them protect you could be directed at any other animal in the home; teach them to respect the other animal and to socialise without conflict.


Your dog is playful and they like spending time with children, which makes them a great and safe playmate. Even so, you should not completely relax and don’t let the children abuse their almost infinite patience.

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