European cat

When we talk about the European cat, we are referring to the common and classic domestic cat. The origin of these animals is not completely clear, but the most common theory is that they arrived from Northern Africa over 2000 years ago.

Their ancestors could be the mountain bobcat and the jungle cat, from which the wild cat descended, and then from the evolution of this wild cat, finally, came the short-haired European cat that we know today.

They are characterised by having a very strong personality and being able to manage well on their own. Their survival instinct, together with their notable intelligence, predict the ease with which they can adapt to any surroundings and, above all, gain the trust of people.


European cats have a particular character that, potentially, they owe to their wild past. They are independent, intelligent and audacious cats, with a great survival instinct, based on the search for affection and food. They are very intuitive and always alert to what is going on around them, which is the reason why they will not show themselves to be trusting with people who are unfamiliar to them.


They are very loyal and affectionate with their owner: they know who gives them food and looks after them. But, they will not trust just anyone.


They are shy and very protective of their territory. They will contrive to show that they are the king of the house.
They are also prize hunters, so if they have access to the outdoors, it is possible that they will disappear for a few hours, motivated by their hunter’s instinct. They are cats in good physical condition that will not get tired of playing when it is offered to them, but that will not do it when they do not feel like it.

These are shy cats that are very protective of their territory. They are very astute and clever, and they will contrive to show that they are the king of the house.


This is a strong breed that does not need any special diet, nor, on the whole, do they need any kind of vitamin complex. But it is recommended to give them a balanced, complete diet that has been specially formulated for them. They should always have access to a container of fresh water.


European cats are very clean cats, because they are constantly preening themselves. If yours tends to be out in the fresh air often, brush them thoroughly as well.


  • WEIGHT: from 3.5 to 8 kg.

  • COLOUR: all colours and patterns except for chocolate, lilac and colourpoint.

  • FUR: long or short, very fine and silky.

  • LIFESPAN: from 14 to 16 years.

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