Just like us, for your cat every stage of their life is very different, and this is why you need to look after them in a specific way at every point in time


Just like us, for your cat every stage of their life is very different, and this is why you need to look after them in a specific way at every point in time

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Your Neutered cat is Junior

If you have just had your cat neutered and they are under 2 years old, they need special care and attention to help them to grow properly after neutering.


Your kitten is getting closer to their adult age, but they are still growing. They are on the verge of 6 months and it is time to decide whether you want to have them neutered.


The benefits will be different depending on whether your kitten is male or female.




• Prevents them escaping
• Prevents fights
• Prevents marking


• Reduces possible prostate and testicular problems



• Stops oestrus
• Avoids psychological pregnancy
• Avoids the risk of unwanted litters


• Prevents the development of breast or ovarian tumours
• Prevents uterus infections

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But it does also have side effects

• Tendency towards being overweight
• Higher likelihood of diabetes
• Urinary problems


Recovery after the procedure is easy and swift. Your kitten will be able to return home on the same day, once they have got over the effects of anaesthesia. Once at home, it is important to help the wound to heal, following the advice and instructions of your vet.
Within about a week, they will start to live life normally. They will have completely recovered from the procedure. Should this be a longer period of time, it is advisable to consult your vet.



Immediately after neutering, you will notice that they start eating more, losing control over the amount of food that they are ingesting.
It is important to bear in mind that their energy requirements have changed, but their development is not yet complete. It is therefore important that you keep feeding them with a specific product that helps them to continue growing and that is adapted to their new energy needs.

Did you know that neutered cats are 3 times as likely to be obese than non-neutered cats?

When choosing food for your kitten, ensure that it contains:

A higher amount of protein and fibre

To create a feeling of fullness

A product like ADVANCE Junior Sterilized contains an ideal proportion of proteins and fats to promote the proper development of the musculature by satisfying your cat's protein needs with the moderate energy intake necessary for a neutered cat.
Also, it contains ingredients to help to prevent other problems that can be common in neutered cats, like urinary and digestive problems.


Optimal growth
High content of nutrients (proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6) that ensure an optimal growth and development

Weight control
With fibre and l-carnitine. Reduces the number of calories in food and helps metabolise fats

Urinary care
Combination of minerals and specific ingredients for an optimal urine ph

Easy digestion
Chicken and rice are ingredients that are easy to digest, with immunoglobulins that contribute to intestinal health


As well as having specific food that is adapted to the needs of neutered cats, your kitten should maintain an active lifestyle:

• It is advisable to establish a daily play routine with different toys.
• A good option could be to present them with challenges to get their food. You can put food in different places and at different heights, so that it is a physical challenge to reach it.
• Remember that to reward them, you can do it with cuddles rather than food. It may be more gratifying, and definitely much healthier!



Changes in sexual behaviour: both males and females tend to lose their sexual behaviour and the need to go out and find a mate, and as a result, escapes and insistent miaowing are avoided.


Loss of flight instinct: thanks to neutering escapes can be avoided, and these could be the cause of fights, getting run over or other kinds of accidents, or even catching illnesses or parasites from other animals that they come across in the street.


They will stop marking with urine inside the home, because they stop feeling the need to mark their territory to attract females.


Their character will not change too much, but they will tend to be calmer. If your cat is affectionate, playful or mischievous, they will continue to be so after neutering.

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