Kittens from 2 to 12 months, pregnant or lactating females

Advance Kitten is specifically formulated for meeting the nutritional needs of kittens. The food is easy to digest and contributes to normal brain and vision development, and to the optimum growth of bones, thanks to omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Nucleotides are incorporated to help maintain the natural immune response. The kibble is a smaller size to fit a kitten’s mouth.


Healthy growth
Healthy growth
an essential nutrient rich-formula: high level of quality protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy growth
Easy digestion
Easy digestion
thanks to highly digestible ingredients
Immune system support
Immune system support
Helps maintain intestinal health and the kitten's natural immune response thanks to prebiotics, nucleotides and active immunoglobulins
Bone Development
Bone Development
vitamins and minerals that contribute to an optimal bone development


bowlIco ADVANCE is the only brand that includes nucleotides in the same proportion as those found in maternal milk. knowWhat-bowl

At Advance, we help their defences from the first weeks

Nucleotides are compounds that are beneficial for your kitten's health, as they are part of the genetic material of cells and are necessary for:

ArrayTipsIcon Helping the growth and development of organs and tissues.
ArrayTipsIcon Helping to stimulate an immune response


ADVANCE ACTIVE DEFENSE protects your cat from the inside, with scientifically proven ingredients that help maintain healthy intestinal microbiota, which is key to having good defences.


Our ACTIVE DEFENSE recipe, with scientifically proven ingredients, helps to protect your pet from the inside


With high-quality ingredients

WITH RICE ingredient
FIBRE ingredient

Exclusive formula reinforced with

ingredient PREBIOTICS
ingredient FIBRE


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Nutritional information


KITTEN At Advance, we prepare our recipes with high-quality ingredients to ensure good nutrition. Our Kitten recipe is made with chicken as the first ingredient, which we incorporate unprocessed into the recipe, cooking the meat in its own juices. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids for the maintenance of tissues and good muscle condition.

Chicken (20%) , dehydrated poultry proteins , rice (16%) , whole maize , maize protein , dehydrated pork proteins , lard , hydrolysed animal proteins (poultry, pork, fish) , dehydrated salmon proteins , beet pulp (1.5%) , dehydrated egg , fish oil , yeast , pork plasma proteins (natural source of immunoglobulins) (0.65%) , chicory inulin (0.4%) , minerals , yeast concentrate (natural source of nucleotides) (0.08%)

Vitamin A 27000 IU
vitamin D3 1200 IU
vitamin E 500 mg
vitamin C 70 mg
taurine 1200 mg
iron(II) sulphate monohydrate 260 mg (Fe: 86 mg)
potassium iodide 1.9 mg (I: 1.4 mg)
copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate 33 mg (Cu: 8.8 mg)
manganous sulphate monohydrate 123 mg (Mn: 40 mg)
zinc sulphate monohydrate 406 mg (Zn: 148 mg)
sodium selenite 0.2 mg (Se: 0.1 mg).
With antioxidants.

39% Crude protein
18% crude fat
1.5% crude fibre
6.8% crude ash
1.3% calcium
1% phosphorus
0.5% omega 3
2.8% omega 6
<small>4195kcal/kg.</small> Metabolizable energy

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