Adorable, affectionate and almost exceptionally gifted. This is how your Golden Retriever puppy could be described, and if you give them a good, early education, they will keep these characteristics throughout their whole life.


Training the Golden Retriever puppy is not an easy task, essentially because they love to play and have fun. You will need to dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that they end up taking in your orders and they will become a charming dog. They are also a very sensitive dog:

  • Avoid shouting and try to make them obey you using good words.
  • During the first stage of their training - between 3 and 14 weeks - you should be very attentive with them; show yourself to be the leader.
  • When they disobey or have some 'accident' when doing their business, stay calm and don’t get upset: this kind of behaviour confuses them and can make them doubt your leadership abilities.

Your golden retriever puppy has a fairly mischievous character, so don’t be surprised if you find slippers that have been chewed or hidden in a corner. To avoid this:

  • Do not leave objects that are very important to you within their reach.
  • Teach them to play with toys - balls, knots, toy bones etc. - so that they do not break or damage other items.
They are a perfect playmate, because physical activity with the little ones goes down very well and they are always ready for some antics.


Your golden retriever needs you to motivate them to do exercise. You need to take them out a few times each day and brush them frequently to get rid of any fur that is falling out. In addition, plan preventative trips to the vet, because they are prone to developing epilepsy, hypothyroidism and deformities of the eyelids, or even some congenital heart defect.


They look like a cuddly toy and they have a playful and mischievous character, which turns them into an adorable pet for any child. But sometimes you need to protect this puppy from the littlest ones. As they lack a defence reflex, ensure that children do not pull their fur or their ears, because the puppy could end up getting injured. On the other hand they are a perfect playmate, because physical activity with the little ones goes down very well and they are always ready for some antics.


The Golden Retriever is a particularly sensitive breed, which makes them an excellent companion to people with disabilities. If you want to train them to become a guide dog or minder, they will need to bring together the requisite aptitudes. From their seventh week they will have to pass a special short exam to determine their aptitudes. This test is called the Campbell test, and in it your dog’s degree of confidence, adaptability and character are observed:

  • If the results are positive, from the ninth week a learning process is initiated.
  • When they have completed this period - between 15 and 18 months - they will be ready for the intensive course and the final weekend with the host family.

From two years old, they will be able to help somebody with a disability.

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